Training Services

The AppsCon Training Services Difference

One of the most significant features to maintaining a satisfactory system is in having well trained staff, confident in their use of the system. By working closely with your staff, AppsCon training consultants ensure that key client staff is trained in all relevant aspects of the new financial system.

AppsCon Training provides

• Comprehensive business-focussed project team training.

• Tailored end-user training which blends your business's processes with the practical skills your users need to get the most out of your new system

• End user material and exercises designed to support the competencies required by users in performing their tasks as well as comprehensive supporting documentation to make user training effective and enduring.

• Specialised technical and functional training for system administrators and application developers new to the Oracle Applications environment.

• Consulting expertise to help you get the most out of your training budget.

• Acclaimed training manuals which will be an invaluable reference resource long after you have completed your course. Our materials can also be tailored to include your business processes and system modifications.

Project Team Training

• Has a strong business focus. The objective is to familiarise the team with the product and its set-up options in terms of the impact they will have.

• Introduces the functionality of standard product so that the implementation team can make intelligent choices about which features they wish to utilise, as well as see the impact of set up decisions on processing flows and system outputs.

• Is conducted before the Operational Analysis phase of the project. This ensures the team responsible for implementing the system, has an appreciation of the scope of the project, and an understanding of how the decisions they take during set up of the system will impact on operational work flows and procedures.

• Presents the 'big picture' including data / process flows and the interaction with other modules and potential interaction with existing external systems. Explains product jargon.

• Encourages discussion about crucial set-up issues.

• Provides detailed reference documentation to support the team's decision-making.

End-User Training

End User Training should be conducted once system configuration has been completed, acceptance testing has been carried out, and any modifications have been built. End user training and the material which supports the training must be tailored so that it is relevant and can be absorbed immediately. It is not high level, big picture, mumbo jumbo which users only attend to get away from their desks for a day. AppsCon provide a range of options which allow you to use our skills where you most need them whilst maximising your return on your existing in-house resources.

We can provide

• Consultants to perform your Training Needs Analysis.

• Technical writers to write or modify training notes and exercises.

• Trainers to deliver classroom instruction or specialist workshops.

• A 'train-the-trainer' package if you prefer to use your own trainers for classroom delivery.

Our training consultants can work with your project team to ensure

• The correct timing for your training.

• An accurate Training Needs Analysis is completed.

• Appropriate competencies are defined and training is designed to reinforce them.

• Your training contains the right mix of business and technical skills.

• Your system is 'sold' to the new users in the classroom.

• Advice and support is provided in designing and delivering follow up training.