Technology Services

Our difference

AppsCon assists in improving your project technically with the support of its consultants having experience and knowledge regarding implementation of Oracle e-Business Applications. Moreover, AppsCon is ready to transfer information from other implementations and to develop new applications and interfaces in accordance with your needs.

AppsCon consultants who employ the most current versions of the development products available can improve the most appropriate software special for you.

Technical Support Services

Product support, problem solution and planning

Product support is certainly one of the most significant factors in the project success. To obtain the required technical support about the software during this support process is one of the most important factors reducing the risk outs of the projects applied. Besides, maintaining this support subsequent to the project ensures that the requirements of the project are totally satisfied and the project can be employed.

Database Administration Services (DBA-APPSDBA)

AppsCon offers a full range of database administration services for a wide variety of database products such as Oracle .We provide everything from installation and configuration of the database software product to back-up and recovery strategy and procedures. Services we render;

• Determination of your needs before installation

• Installation of data base, all required improving products and programs

• Monitoring of critical log files for you to employ the application without any problems

• Training your stuff about back-ups and daily processes

• Providing technical support you may require

• Taking the required security precautions

• Performing upkeep and update processes

• Performing and controlling performance development processes

Application Development Services

Design, Implementation and Development

Within Oracle e-Business Applications having the most significant contribution to strategic decisions and operational productivity of the firms, you may be in need of extra functions peculiar to your requirements. At that stage we are ready to assist you in developing tailored programs.

Especially, in order to ensure that your present applications function in compliance with the new system, we work closely with your stuff by means of our technical expert consultants who develop the required interfaces and provide data transfers.

Our consultants dominating various kinds of technical and functional knowledge and experience required can merely produce solutions after they completely perceive your requirements.

While providing these services we emphasise the matters mentioned below:

Product Development Control

Any modifications and all tailored software are documented, and their compliance with your present Product Development Control procedures is controlled. AppsCon consultants support you to develop your procedures regarding this matter, as well.

Software Configuration Management

Generally by configuration management modifications that are tested, overviewed and implemented are handled.

Protection of Development Environment

Appscon DBAs and Technical Consultants provide the necessary support about the back-ups and protection during the application of the project