Company Overview

Best solutions for great expectations

Choosing the right business partner may not be as easy as choosing the technology. Besides, finding the right solution may even be harder than that.

While the future of your business is nowadays being determined by a simple mouse click, wouldn't you like to cooperate with a partner who combines its experience and knowledge with the dynamism of youth?

Our target is to perceive your expectations and present you the best solutions which you can enjoy the benefits to the full extent as quickly as possible.

High Quality Outsourcing

Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, numerous organisations invested in Oracle software implementations. During this time, there wasn't a wide choice of system integrators and implementers on hand to offer services.

However, over the following years, the market has matured and client needs have changed. The priority for many clients has become to ensure that the systems perform optimally and continue to meet business needs. Although their needs had become more dynamic, many clients found that traditional implementation and system integration consultancies lacked the agility to meet their needs, on an on-going basis. Many clients had developed in-house Oracle skills and needed a partner that could work as an extension to their team as opposed to a substitute for it. Other clients, however, wanted to deploy selective outsourcing strategies and needed a partner that could offer true economies of scale rather than a substitution of labour.

AppsCon was established in 2000 to specifically address this gap in the market, meet the continuously changing demands and to offer best-in-class Oracle managed services and associated consulting. It now operates in Turkey and in the United Kingdom.

Wide Range of Industries

Through the years, Appscon have broadened its experience and field of work. We have had the opportunity to work in various industries such as healthcare systems, energy sector, financial, aero, logistics, pharmaceutical industries etc. The experience we have acquired and the consultant we have from different backgrounds gives us great confidence to work smoothly in those fields and to enter new industries with no hesitation.

Our Aim

Our aim is to submit the most appropriate solutions without making any concessions at quality and to be the preferred partner by employing the support of our quality and knowledge at the stages of installation, implementation and upkeep of Oracle Applications and Technology that are spreading out in our rapidly developing industry.