Consultancy Services

Our difference

Our core business is the implementation and support of Oracle Applications and Technologies. We believe that this focus gives us some unique advantages: · We are dedicated to project management and implementation of Oracle Applications and Technologies and therefore the entire culture and focus of our organisation are directed to the successful support and implementation of these systems:

• We have developed an Implementation Methodology that enables us to implement Oracle Applications and Technologies in a cost-effective manner whilst ensuring that the needs of your business are achieved with quality and delivered on schedule.

• We have excellent staff that have proven their experiences in project management of successful implementations in the Public and Private Sectors.

• We can offer the full range of skills required to implement and support Oracle Applications - project managers, business analysts, database administrators, developers and trainers. The success of our previous implementations clearly demonstrates AppsCon's capabilities.

Project Management

Ultimately the success of any project resides with the Project Manager. AppsCon Project Managers are accountable to you and will ensure success by:

• Developing agreed business objectives for the project and establishing a clear vision of how to achieve these objectives.

• Developing an agreed scope for the project.

• Incorporating and managing scope changes.

• Obtaining the necessary support for the success of the project.

• Working to resolve conflicts with competing priorities and unexpected problems.

• Conducting quality reviews.

Operational Analysis

AppsCon conducts a thorough analysis of your business requirements and expectations. Our consultants are expert in both accountancy and your financial applications. They develop a complete profile of current and future business systems and requirements and relate these to the features offered by the application suite.

Solution Design

The detailed business requirements identified during the Operational Analysis stage are mapped against standard functionality provided by the applications suite. Options are identified where functionality gaps are identified. Initial acceptance testing is conducted by the implementation team against a prototype of the production system (or parts of it) to ensure that it operates as intended.

Business Redesign Process

During the analysis phase, AppsCon identifies areas where your existing processes may be modified to increase efficiency and to streamline the implementation. Your involvement in this stage is critical to ensure thorough understanding of the scope of the project.

Change Management

AppsCon consultants work with you to identify those areas most affected by the implementation of a new system. Any required organisational or operational changes documented in the previous phase, are planned and implemented. These changes are documented into revised operational policies and procedures.

Production Support

AppsCon works with you to monitor the system's performance and provide a post implementation report to assess the success of the implementation in meeting objectives. For most clients, sign-off means that the newly implemented system satisfies their requirements for the standard 5 year life cycle of the systems. In a dynamic environment where changing business or legal requirements impact the operations, the need to modify existing systems may occur much more frequently. AppsCon recognises this need to keep pace with change and continue to work closely with you to meet the challenge of a rapidly changing environment.